Our experience and unique methodology allow us to identify and confirm the right agency fit for your brand’s particular needs. Our review process reduces the risk and maximizes the value of your new agency “hire.”

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Brand Strategy and Visioning

The foundation of any successful Brand, and an opportunity to inspire bold thinking

We have learned that Marketing Teams sometimes need to ‘get their house in order’ prior to engaging in an agency review. We provide internal teams the tools and guidance to help build or strengthen their Brand Architecture — defining mission, vision, promise, voice, and tone. We coach teams on pertinent brand and business background important for launching a search.

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Brand Brief and Prep

All successful creative work starts with a great Brief

Whether you’re planning to relaunch your Brand or develop breakthrough project work, the Brief is the single most important input from the Brand Marketing team. It’s essential that it be simple, inspiring and focused — as it’s the springboard for all agency thinking to come. Our advisors can help coach teams through this process and provide clear and consistent strategic guidelines for success.

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Creative Agency of record (AOR) Search

Our goal is to create a long-term mutually profitable partnership of talent that will drive brand and BUSINESS GROWTH.

This is a “traditional” review-based search revolutionized by video RFP agency responses other proprietary methods. This process can be completed within 45-75 days, depending on the number of agencies in the review.

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This is our “fast-timeline” search to engage the right agency for projects that require specific skills or expertise.

Project-based creative agency search is the “new normal” in today’s marketing world. As marketing budgets and initiatives change quarterly, so has agency search. The speed and pace of business has changed in the new marketing world. We were the first search consultancy to perfect the remote, project-based creative agency review. This review can be completed with 21-30 days.

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